Career planning for college students

30 Nov 2017

Career planning for college students


Career planning: How college students should prepare for their career?

College graduation is one of the most important milestones of student life. Students are both excited and a little daunted at the prospect of graduation because it leads them to the most ‘weighted question’ “What next.” Career planning should be anything but stress, fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt and yet these are the universal emotions that run rife among students about to make their foray into the real world. How can you ease the motions of career planning and stand on solid ground when you start on this exciting journey? Pay attention to these tips and tricks, and you will make an impressive and admirable beginning:

  1. Create your resume: This will be your first ever CV so you will not have much work experience related information but this is the time to shine brightly with your academic and extra-curricular qualifications. List your awards and achievements, internships, affiliations to NGOs and other skills and knowledge that you may have acquired out of interest.

  2. On-campus counseling : Meet the University’s career counselor and utilize the opportunity to pick their brains for advice and information. You might also speak to your mentors, coaches and teaching assistants at the campus who may have some valuable career insights for you.

  3. Participate in career workshops and employer meet-greets: Career workshops will help you clarify any doubts or queries that you have about your chosen trajectory or line of work. You will also be able to network and reach out to critical resources that may play an essential role in your career planning.

  4. Seek the counsel of industry professionals: Some of the best career advice, of course, comes from those who have been there and done that. You will find out what to do but most importantly what not to do. If you are planning a career in human resources, for example, speak to various HR professionals and find out what particular element of HR you might be more suitable for, and what additional steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

  5. Read: Read books, magazines, blogs and visit online forums and resources to find out more about your career passion. There is much wisdom contained in these resources that will make you a better candidate when it comes the day of the interview.

  6. Gain experience: Make the most of your college’s internship program and seek out internships at places that real-life experience in your chosen profession. If you are unable to find appropriate placement s using your college, feel free to reach out to professionals over the phone & social media and request them for help. Leverage the power of the internet to learn and grow.

  7. Network: Don’t be afraid to reach out to experts whether it is professionals or subject matter experts. Watch other professionals closely in their online persona. Create your LinkedIn profile and start blogging and networking with people through this social channel. Find out how other professionals are presenting themselves online and in person. Create a profile on LinkedIn, start blogging and gaining connections through social media. Use networking tools such as ‘Meetup’ to find like-minded professionals and visit their meetup events regularly to learn more wisdom.

If you are passionate about your career, then the world is your playground, especially in the digital and interconnected world of today. All you need is the focus , a strategy and the drive to see your dreams through. Our experts at Rishabh Integreatd Skill Enhencement Center have been honing careers and helping young professionals launch their career journeys for many years now. For more information or queries, please reach out to us.

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    Just a perfect answer… actually nothing is perfect in this world..but i say expecting this Answer…Yes…This blog cleared my too many doubts… it’s really the confusing matter about CAREER during the last year…but this helped me a Lot.
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