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21 Oct 2016

Moving away from being a BOOKWORM


Meet Kapil, the 24 year old, who stays in the beautiful city of Udaipur. Kapil always had the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, having his own group of heritage hotels. His father was the Head In charge of one of the most royal properties of Udaipur. Since childhood he used to visit the magnificent property along with his dad & got excited with the thought of being known as the “elite” owner of one such property.

To convert his desire into reality, he started working towards it. During his visit with his father, he learnt the skills towards customer excellence, world cuisines, service orientation and all the nitty-gritties of the hospitality sector. He met several veteran people and learnt the basics & the acumen of being an entrepreneur.

At the age of 24, Kapil completed his masters in Hotel Management. What kept him a class apart from his peers was the practicalities that he had learnt in past. He could easily map his academic knowledge with the real-life execution. His inner urge to achieve his dream, based with the theory & backed by practical exposure, soon made him a known name in the city.

Soon, the city had another royal addition to its heritage hotels, which intertwined culture & modernity. Kapil had finally achieved his boyhood dream.

The success of Kapil, focuses on the reality of, “Not to be just a BOOKWORM”.


Theory or Practice?

This is one of the most sought after questions of a student’s life. Theory is what a person knows. It is his knowledge which can be gained from books, periodicals and other written materials. The application of such knowledge is what is known as practice.

“An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory.”
— Ernst F. Schumacher


The above quote gives a clear direction to the thought process of not being JUST a bookworm.  Over the period of time, it is evident that Practical knowledge holds an edge over the theoretical concepts. One who has a complete knowledge of all the theories may not necessarily do well with his/her real life problems unless he/she knows how to use all those theories.

We nowhere undermine the importance of theoretical knowledge. Theory and practical both are different ends of a spectrum and the ones who excel in their lives are the ones who balance both of them efficiently. However, theoretical knowledge only helps you understand the contemporary world. Actual world, on the other end, is quite dynamic and thus all theories become obscure at one point of time because they fail to evolve at such rapid pace.

It is like someone knows all the Alphabets from A to Z, but doesn’t know how to form a sentence using them. Someone who knows the technicalities of driving, but haven’t tried driving even for once. Hence, it is as good as not having that knowledge.

The recent interactions & discussions with some of the academicians also clears the mist of all doubts surrounding this discussion. What you need to go farther in your life is practical experience and not just theoretical knowledge.

A practical perspective is imperative to any theoretical knowledge.

-By Azra Dholkawala & Moumita Dey

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