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17 Nov 2016



In order to make any dish mouthwatering, along with Core ingredients and spices, proper blend of salt is necessary. Similarly, to lay the path to a progressive career, a proper blend of all skills is necessary.

Students eventually shifting to corporate life have to manage numerous things; be it etiquettes, Boss’s expectations, Formal communications and so on. Inefficient management of these may have negative effects on one’s personal, professional and even social life. It becomes very important to possess those qualities which make you an effective communicator. Along with hard skills it is of paramount importance to have an excellent command on soft skills.

You might have heard people talking about the soft skills and you’d have wondered what it means. Well, soft skills is certainly not a slang for software development skills, in fact they are social, emotional, personal & interpersonal skills which help you in interacting harmoniously with other people.

Unlike traditional times, where utmost impetus was placed on hard skills; today, employers seek those people who have good people skills along with technical skills so that they would be to tackle the client on hand without someone’s assistance. A complete package is the need of the hour!

85% of one’s success at the work place is attributed to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills – Harvard University Study

“Technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills can make you or break you as a manager”

One should know about Communication – What to speak, where to speak; Time management – showing up at work on time, avoid making false promises; Attitude – Developing lateral thinking; Self Confidence –  Believing in one’s self & one’s capabilities. Any of these won’t be taught during a person’s school or college life. A person with these skills has the ability to work in all situations gracefully and confidently.

It is possible that you might be knowing everything, it is also possible that you might be doing plenty of work but when you don’t know how to communicate with people; how to become a leader or how to believe in yourself and your team , it’s of no use.  


Today all of us need the core ingredient – Technical Skills, and an adequate amount of Salt – Soft skills to garnish one’s career.

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