LearnAtRISE program is bridge between, from being student to being a Professional. It was a valuable learning experience for me because it challenged my strengths. It is designed in a manner that learning is not limited to just the content. The assignments are really good as it help the interns to think out-of-the box. We not only trained in knowledge of the technologies which are used in our projects, but also encouraged to explore other aspects such as professionalism, ethics and lot more. The support being extended by the mentors helps to deliver Quality Work.

Richa Patel, JAVA Team

My internship with LearnAtRISE gave me a competitive advantage to better build my career. The internship I was assigned to act as a great supplement to the topics i was learning. There is absolutely no substitute for “real world” experience with IT Industry and my internship through LearnAtRISE provided me that. Having a good academic career “University Topper” in Graduation , I was in the process of searching a job to grow in my professional career, when I came to Vadodara in July 2017. Then I heard about LearnAtRISE and i got to know what are the benefits of this internship. After I joined LearnAtRISE as an intern, I found all the mentors are friendly, co-operative, highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic to help me to reach out to my destination. I suggest others to take an opportunity and join LearnAtRISE to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Tapaswini Sabat, Operational Support Analyst

My experience with LearnAtRISE was amazing and I am thankful to all the mentors here they have been very supportive and kind in guiding me throughout. This program helped me to improve not only my technical skills but my inter personal skills as well. During the course of internship I got the opportunity to work with Live scenario based project of Rishabh and it helped a lot from learning point of view. This was an excellent platform for me to improve myself personally as well as professionally. With the help of this program, I am now an ’employee’ from an ‘intern’ and it is like dream come true for me.

I can say that joining LearnAtRISE was one of the good decision of my career.

Priya Singh, Operational Support Analyst

Enrolling into RISE – Rishabh Integrated Skill Enhancement program for Training in the “Quality Assurance” course has enabled me to build confidence, gain knowledge, and update my qualification in a flexible, fun interactive learning style that motivates you to build up your self esteem to persevere. Highly recommended for anyone returning to the workforce after caring for the family. This course has enabled me to identify areas I would like to do further study in and areas I am not interested in. The trainer and staff continually encouraged me, and adjusted methods of teaching to meet individual student’s needs and requirements. LearnAtRISE team members are friendly and very helpful. Always willing to assist to ensure that all tasks are accomplished accurately, concisely and in a timely manner. Journey from “LearnAtRISE” – Training to “RSPL” – Rishabh Employee has given me a new life & opening opportunities to look foward.

Khushbu Gamit, Quality Analyst

The training programme at LearnAtRISE has been an incredible and worthwhile experience. The Trainer’s delivery of sessions, methodology adopted for training and training materials provided was in line with our expectations. Apart from the domain specific training, we were also provided training on improving interpersonal skills and other important aspects of professional career. One thing I really loved about the internship was the assessments conducted on regular intervals that gave us a valuable insight into our strengths and weaknesses. Other things that I have valued most about my internship at LearnAtRISE include, but not limited to, the nice and supportive working environment and positive encouragement from mentors.

Yogita Manvani, Business Analyst

LearnAtRISE has been not only the beginning of my career but also the beginning of an entirely new phase of my life. Rishabh Software has provided a perfect platform to develop my skills on both, technical and non-technical grounds, guided by experienced and skilled mentors.

Tosha Parikh, Developer (Java Team)

Getting your dream job is what we all want and LearnAtRISE provided me the platform to achieve my dream.
A transformation from academic to corporate is very necessary for the earlier stage of our career and that’s what I got from “LearnAtRISE”.
I got knowledge from very core level to advanced level. I got very supportive mentors. They were there to solve every single query we had.

Mohsin Patel, Associate software Engineer

Really, it was a nice journey from LearnAtRISE to RISHABH. I met some new people and learned so many new things in this phase of my life. I got more of practical knowledge than what we have learned in our academics. Mentors were very helpful not only in technical aspects but also in concern of soft skills.
Apart from all these, I have learned things required to fit in corporate environment.
These 6 months were very helpful and LearnAtRISE gave me the opportunity to take the first step towards my career through.

Trusha Gajjar, Trainee ( UI Designer)

It’s been my privilege to be working in such a productive environment and under the guidance of mentors with thorough skill set. Internship program has provided me a detailed insightful approach of handling various things at a time and cultivating excellent technical edge in the concerned field.

Transformation into being ‘Future Ready’ has been real fun and interactive at LearnAtRISE, Rishabh. Hands-on experiences with men and machines have nurtured my hard skills as well as soft skill.

Putting up a quality project in a time bound scenario is one thing industry often struggles at but with Rishabh team, it’s been one of the fundamental principles during my training tenure to understand and prioritize client satisfaction and client relationship management.

Akshay Vasava, Associate Software Test Engineer

LearnAtRISE has been a great platform for me to enhance my professional skills at the very beginning stage of my career. It made me realize the subject of area on which I need to dwell upon I got a very good support from my respected mentors. I have build my confidence, soft skill and analytical thinking by the various amazing training programs. It provide me the invaluable experience to work in a corporate environment. Ooverall, it i was an amazing and transforming experience

Manan Choksi, Developer (Mobile iOS)

I found the training to be excellent. As a newcomer, I found the mix of theory and practical application to be perfect. The guidance and support from my mentors was very effective. Their exceptional knowledge of the subject matter made it easy for me to learn. Overall I was impressed with the entire Spring Board training period

Sukhjeet Singh, Software Engineer (PHP)

The internship program organised by Rishabh Software, came as a great opportunity for us to learn to get ourselves acquainted with the corporate way of working. We not only acquired a thorough knowledge of the technologies to be used in our projects, but also , we learnt a lot of other things during this four-month period, with respect to our own development.

Rishabh provided us with everything we needed to achieve our goal, the successful completion of our project – a suitable environment, quality resources and helpful colleagues.
We were provided with a well-formulated plan of action, which ensured that we reached at the important stages and achieved our milestones as per the plan.
Apart from the technical benefits, various sessions and workshops were organised at Rishabh, which helped us in enhancing our own productivity, and sharpening our own skills.

We also got a great exposure at Rishabh, which helped us connect with many knowledgeable colleagues and clients, and also helped us get a know-how on the client-centered way of working.

The work which we delivered at the end of Spring Board, was much appreciated at our respective institutes, and resulted in us getting our desired grades. We shall always be thankful to everyone who made this experience worth remembering and sharing.

Nishil Vahia, Trainee (JAVA Team)

The journey of 6 months of internship with Rishabh has been like a walk down lush green meadows. That period was the most life changing phase of my life as it was full of learning and exploring to form a base of being an “Employee” from an “Intern” along with lots of fun. The mentors have always been supportive in guiding us through the technologies as well as other aspects so well that we could easily gel in the actual industry environment right after coming out of the college atmosphere. The opportunity to work on live project which Rishabh provides is of great benefit. The experience I gained is invaluable and am still gaining. I say this being a proud employee of Rishabh today

Maitree Kuria, Software Engineer (JAVA)

This program has provided me with an excellent insight into what I consider are some very useful and powerful analytical and predictive skills. Although I was comfortable with few Microsoft Languages, the guidance and support from Rishabh Team provided me the necessary exposure to sustain in today’s competitive environment. I definitely achieved what I wanted to know & learn, and I would definitely suggest others to get trained under such wonderful environment.

Rutul Shah, Software Engineer (Microsoft Technologies)

I found the training to be excellent. As a newcomer, I found the mix of theory and practical application to be perfect. The guidance and support from my mentors was very effective. Their exceptional knowledge of the subject matter made it easy for me to learn. Overall I was impressed with the entire Spring Board training period

Nirav Parekh, Software Engineer (Front End Technologies)

Firstly i would say it was my pleasure being an intern at Rishabh. During my internship i have learnt lots of new things and worked in a manner
which enhanced my productivity in me.I learnt to work in a team with my colleagues and also got a very productive environment around me.

I also got a very supportive mentor who helped us reach to a timely project completion with quality work.
The exposure that we got at Rishabh helped us realise our inner potential.

All in all, it was experience worth sharing and the knowledge we acquired helped us in executing our project successfully.

Bhaumik Thakkar, Software Engineer (JAVA)