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25 Oct 2016

There’s light at the end of this Rainbow


“Mera Bad Luck Kharab hai”

 “This happens with me everytime”

 “Why me only?”

 “Aisa thodi hota hai”

 “There is no success ahead”

 “I am fed up of failure”

 “Nobody loves me”

 “Yeh try kar chukka hu, aur yeh nahi hoga”


We have heard these lines quite often in our journey of “Life”. The daily hustle-bustle and the numerous experiences, while we grow up, teaches us one thing “Our Perspective”.

The biggest example of optimism, is our farmers. They put all their efforts and hard work towards an uncertain goal. Never for a minute, do they lose hope of a prosperous season ahead.

It could have been very obvious for a poor farmer to give up owing to the drought news that year. However what he chose was persistence, perseverance, hard work, dedication & optimism.

Every day he used to glance at the sky, with his eyes filled up with the same “HOPE”.

Life is less of what it actually is and more of how we look at it. 

This story is about 2 boys who were best friends. Equal in all respects; be it their acumen, inquisitiveness or zeal. The only thing contrasting was their perception. Where one of those boys was loaded with positivity and self-confidence. The other was in dearth of it. After completing their graduation, both of them applied for a job in a reputed organization. To their astonishment, none of them got selected. The boy with bright outlook towards life took it sportingly and said, “May be God has better plans for us friend.” The other kept grumbling about it. They applied to a different organization for jobs. Again none of them got selected. This cycle went on and on and with each rejection, one of them kept losing hopes while the other kept on saying, “May be something better awaits us.” One day, both of them simultaneously got interview calls from a very reputed organization. The boy having positive mindset appeared for the interview while the other didn’t thinking he would not be selected anyhow. The failures had dejected him. However, his friend got selected and was offered a position much better than all those positions for which he wasn’t selected by earlier organizations. His optimism and positive self-image made him going and ultimately led him to his goal.


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
— Oscar Wilde


Never allow the challenges or failures of life to rob you of your inner happiness, for there are lots of reasons to whine about and feel miserable if that’s how you look at life & there are lots of reasons to feel blessed and enthusiastic if that’s how you choose to look at it.

When the situations are favorable, you are bound to feel good and you continue to work enthusiastically but even when life gives you lemons, you shouldn’t consider the failures as the end of journey, rather should take them as lessons, to learn.

Optimism these days is not quite evident amongst students, as they are burdened with books, exams, presentations along with the expectations of their families.

It is necessary to cultivate among students the importance & need of optimism to succeed.

One should believe that even after the darkest nights there is sunrise, there is a solution for every problem, there is learning in every failure, and there is hope after every despair.

However, Optimism should never be illusionary.  One should also be practical in life and should also make efforts in the right direction for thoughts alone won’t let you win. Actions must succeed those thoughts.

One should always believe that“There’s light at the end of this Rainbow”


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