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  • Data Analytics - Advanced Program

    This specialized program aims to help new-age learners to build technical competency around how to translate analytics to offer a business advantage. Join this program to learn and explore the application of data analytics with big data, data visualization, decision models & forecasting to solve real-world business problems. Become industry-ready with much-needed skills in using data & models.

  • E-commerce Training Course

    The online market place today is flooded with a variety of innovative E-Commerce solutions. The retailers are in pursuit of offering the best online shopping experience. This space is incredibly dynamic and exciting with many more opportunities and possibilities.

  • CMS Training Course

    The connected world of today deals with much content, much of it has to be created, published, edited, archived, and managed by multiple users with different authority levels and is impossible to execute without a robust Content Management System (CMS).

  • Full Stack Web Development Course

    The fast paced nature of technology demands the developers to develop expertise in various aspects of development process, from design to actual deployment. Full Stack Developers design the apps and websites.

  • Software Testing Training Course

    Testing helps assess the effectiveness and quality of the code. Quality Assurance (QA) is the practice of monitoring the ultimate value from the project delivery.

  • Android Training Course

    The number of smartphones is growing exponentially. Everybody is looking forward to a variety of applications to take the user experience to a whole new level. A new app is born every day each better than the other creating countless opportunities for app developers around the globe.

  • Data Analytics icon

    Data Analytics Course

    Data Integration & Analytics is a critical factor for efficient decision-making in many organizations today. As part of this, the Data Analyst position is labeled as one of the ‘Hottest jobs of the 21st Century. And, by 2020, the positions for data professionals will increase to 2,720,000 in the US region as per an IBM report. If you are also thinking to opt for a Data Analytics & Business Intelligence training, then this is the best time for it.

  • ASP .NET Training Course

    Microsoft technologies enable the creation of reliable, secure and user-friendly web applications. Microsoft over the years has launched a series of products with Dot NET emerging as a preferred language within the growing community of developers who prefer using Microsoft Technologies for creating web applications.

  • Java Training Course

    This one-stop shop course promises you a solid grip on Java. Java is the foundation of virtually every type of networked application and is the global standard for developing and delivering embedded apps, games, web content and enterprise software, and if you are looking to conquer the world of web apps for any computing platform then this is the course for you!

  • PHP Training Course

    PHP is an open source server-side, and scripting technology used for the development of web applications. It is extensively powerful and world’s most used server technology framework. Compatible with leading OS platforms like Microsoft Windows, iOS, Solaris and many others, and it supports a range of databases.

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About LearnAtRISE

Rishabh Integrated Skill Enhancement (RISE) program or LearnAtRISE is a knowledge sharing, skill enhancement initiative. We offer handcrafted courses for students and working professionals. It is intended to upscale their skills on trending technologies. The course comprises of academic internships in IT domains across Java, PHP, Dot Net, Mobile Application Development (Android & iOS), Quality Assurance, and many more.
Rishabh Software Private Limited (RSPL) powers LearnAtRISE. Rishabh Software is an IT Company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in software development, engineering, and recruitment process, along with training services.

Why LearnAtRISE ?

We focus on bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia. LearnAtRISE brings together a unique combination of technical as well as behavioral aspects. Our learning paradigm reflects on the need that instigates the learners to get in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

  • Learning Continuum: We follow a 70-20-10 % rule to improve the efficiency and effectiveness to help the students. The 70% content emphasis is on Experiential learning, with 20% on Social and 10% on Formal education.
  • Practical Learning Experience: The program content offers real-time on-job experience.
  • Placements: The internship + finishing school program facilitates/enables outstanding placement with Rishabh Software. Further, we even assist our partner companies’ support with access to a pool of our professionally trained, well-groomed trainees who are job ready from day 1.

Students’ Testimonials

  • A transformation from academic to corporate is very necessary for the earlier stage of our career and that’s what I got from “LearnAtRISE”.
    I got knowledge from very core level to advanced level. I got very supportive mentors. They were there to solve every single query we had.

    Mohsin Patel
    Associate software Engineer (PHP)
  • LearnAtRISE has been a great platform for me to enhance my professional skills at the very beginning stage of my career.
    It made me realize the subject of area on which I need to dwell upon I got a very good support from my respected mentors.

    Manan Choksi
    Developer (Mobile iOS)
  • I found the training to be excellent. As a newcomer, I found the mix of theory and practical application to be perfect.The guidance and support from my mentors was very effective.

    Sukhjeet Singh
    Software Engineer (PHP)
  • This program has provided me with an excellent insight into what I consider are some very useful and powerful analytical and predictive skills.Although I was comfortable with few Microsoft Languages, the guidance and support from Rishabh Team provided me the necessary exposure to sustain in today’s competitive environment.

    Rutul Shah
    Software Engineer (Microsoft Technologies)
  • LearnAtRISE program is bridge between, from being student to being a Professional. It was a valuable learning experience for me because it challenged my strengths. It is designed in a manner that learning is not limited to just the content. The assignments are really good as it help the interns to think out-of-the box.

    Richa Patel
    JAVA Team
  • My experience with LearnAtRISE was amazing and I am thankful to all the mentors here they have been very supportive and kind in guiding me throughout. This program helped me to improve not only my technical skills but my inter personal skills as well.

    Priya Singh
    Operational Support Analyst

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