Why LearnAtRISE

Gear Up For Career Transformation With Experiential Learning

Project-based Learning Approach with a combination of Expert Mentoring

With LearnAtRISE, the students acquire knowledge by way of real-time projects, in a live environment supported by vital infrastructure. The entire course content is up-to-date, thorough, and holistic.

 Mentored by the experts, they also gain access to our extensive network of IT professionals’ eager to help young minds. Our seasoned professionals ensure a tailor-made approach to hone each student in the technical and behavioral arena. 

The assured placement assistance for courses helps support the professional journey of each student. Many of them get placed inhouse based on merit and rest in other IT Companies. 

LearnAtRISE is growing each day owing to its dedicated teams, inspiring students, and robust value systems. At LearnAtRISE we always believe in ACTION! For us, ‘ACTION’ is: A – right Attitude C – stay Connected T- latest Technology I- Innovation O- Open minds N – Never give up.

LearnAtRISE is a skill enhancing initiative powered by Rishabh Software (RSPL), an IT Company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in software development, engineering, recruitment process, and training services.

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Intern to Employee Ratio

Hands-on Practical Experience

Focus on upgrading your skill to apply the theoretical concepts to real-time projects. Academic focus to be completed in 4 months.

Assured 100% Placement Assistance

Top performers of LearnAtRISE batch are bound to join/be placed with Rishabh Software. All interns from LearnAtRISE get the opportunity to work with Rishabh Software based on merit and their interest. The intern to employee ratio for the past couple of years has been an impressive 77%.

Guidance from Industry Experts

The Mentors/Guides/Leaders from the program have years of diverse industry experience behind them. Their objective with LearnAtRISE is to share their knowledge and expertise with beginners like you.

Classroom & On-the-Job Training

Focused training with a purpose to upskill the individuals to secure/land the job that matches their skill set. A limited number of batches help provide the right focus and guidance to students to excel in their choice of technology domains.

Why Join LearnAtRISE

LearnAtRISE offers hands-on training with a combination of expert monitoring and project-based learning. Our learning paradigm reflects on the need that instigates the learners to get in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

  • Up-to-Date, holistic, and thorough course content
  • Real-time projects in a dynamic work environment
  • Tailor-made approach to honing student’s technical and behavioral aspect
  • Assured placement for each student

Learning Paradigm

Our learning paradigm reflects on the need that instigates the learners to get in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

  • Learning is experiential.
  • Happens through daily tasks, challenges and practice.
  • Learning is social.
  • Happens with the new technology trends and upgradation with people.
  • Learning is formal.
  • Happens through structured training courses and programs.

We follow a 70-20-10 % rule to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the students. The 70% content emphasis is on Experiential learning, with 20% on Social and 10% on Formal education.

Students’ Testimonials

  • A transformation from academic to corporate is very necessary for the earlier stage of our career and that’s what I got from “LearnAtRISE”. I got knowledge from very core level to advanced level. I got very supportive mentors. They were there to solve every single query we had.

    Mohsin Patel
    Associate software Engineer (PHP)
  • LearnAtRISE has been a great platform for me to enhance my professional skills at the very beginning stage of my career. It made me realize the subject of area on which I need to dwell upon I got a very good support from my respected mentors.

    Manan Chokshi
    Developer (Mobile iOS)
  • This program has provided me with an excellent insight into what I consider are some very useful and powerful analytical and predictive skills. Although I was comfortable with few Microsoft Languages, the guidance and support from Rishabh Team provided me the necessary exposure to sustain in today’s competitive environment.

    Rutul Shah
    Software Engineer (Microsoft Technologies)
  • I found the training to be excellent. As a newcomer, I found the mix of theory and practical application to be perfect. The guidance and support from my mentors was very effective.

    Sukhjeet Singh
    Software Engineer (PHP)
  • LearnAtRISE program is bridge between, from being student to being a Professional. It was a valuable learning experience for me because it challenged my strengths. It is designed in a manner that learning is not limited to just the content. The assignments are really good as it help the interns to think out-of-the box.

    Richa Patel
    JAVA Team
  • My experience with LearnAtRISE was amazing and I am thankful to all the mentors here they have been very supportive and kind in guiding me throughout. This program helped me to improve not only my technical skills but my inter personal skills as well.

    Priya Singh
    Operational Support Analyst

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