A Book Release Event that Sparked Change

Book Launch Event - ABCD of Success by Dr. Chaitanya Buch

ABCD of Success to Stay Motivated

Life could be difficult at times – whether you’re a student, a working professional, or even an entrepreneur. For the new-age students, today it is becoming even tougher. The massive course workload & preparation with demand & expectations could drain even the most determined students.

So how to get over this? Well, investing some time in activities outside of routine can help lower stress. We at RISE, recommend reading or even listening to good books can be one such activity to help you become stronger. It can offer you new perspectives, valuable insights, creative ideas, and motivation.

And therefore, to help our students achieve holistic success, recently we organized a unique initiative. We invited Dr. Chaitanya Buch, MD & now a successful author of the book titled ‘ABCD of Success’ to our premises. The sheer objective was to ignite the young minds with a love for reading and motivate them with the basics of the ABCD for Success.

Book Launch - Dr. Buch Addressing the Audience

About Dr. Chaitanya Buch, MD

Fondly called Dr. CS (Computer Science) Buch, he is one of the finest and most IT-savvy Medical Doctors. He offers Tele-medicines to patients in over 50+ countries. He serves on the Medical Advisory Boards of Singapore and the USA. He also runs the CC Buch Public Charitable Trust to carry out his philanthropic work.

Through his talk, Dr. Buch address the RISE interns at length and motivated them with some real-life practical tips by sharing excerpts from the book. It was remarkable how Dr. Buch interacted with the audience. He used simple examples to share his wisdom and light humor to keep the topic entertaining.

After the talk, many of the participants experienced a positive vibe and renewed strength to succeed in their chosen fields. The session helped them relax and gain a newer perspective to maintain the right attitude & mindset while working on their goals.

We aimed to make a difference with this initiative. The book helped the event invitees look at their difficulties differently. An ‘Amazon Best Seller’ within the first week of its launch – this book is for everyone- across all age groups & walks of life. With short bytes of ideas and actions on several topics, even the busiest of individuals would feel happy reading it. Most importantly, the content emphasizes how to negate the negatives and promote the positives in your life to achieve success. Further, it motivated them to have faith in their abilities and try to succeed in their respective ventures.

Our holistic approach is focused on imparting learning and organizing more engaging and valuable initiatives. If you want to know more about LearnAtRISE, our programs, learning methodology & more, feel free to connect with us.

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