4 Best AI Development Platforms To Build Future-Ready Apps

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4 Best AI Platforms To Consider In 2021

Artificial Intelligence platforms are being leveraged progressively as a part of enterprise-level initiatives to digitize business processes. A conversational AI platform integrates deep learning and machine level computation to automate operations. It empowers human resources to be more efficient and focus on profitable tasks. These automated processes save a lot of time and effort while making work less daunting. If you are considering a career with next-generation technologies, here is where you can start. We’ve listed some of the top AI platforms for developers & data engineers that help maximize company operations,

1.Microsoft Azure
This agile cloud platform is the top choice of software developers to build AI-enabled business solutions. They leverage the power of machine learning, speech recognition, object recognition, language capabilities and knowledge mining.

The USP of Microsoft Azure ML is its automated ML service and Spark-based big data service that seamlessly integrates with ONNX and Azure ML. It is one of the best AI platforms for mobile apps, digital marketing, and eCommerce. It supports any language, tool, OS and framework.

Visual and accessible, this technology has been developed by the team behind Google Brain. It is Google’s take on implementing ML with neural networks. TensorFlow draws heavily from deep learning techniques and allows enterprises to unlock the power of machine learning capabilities in different programming environments.

The base platform relies on data visualizations and graphs to get the job done. It has brought ML to mobile devices, IoT solutions and JavaScript. Leading brands like LinkedIn, Dropbox, SAP, Twitter & Intel Qualcomm use it to achieve their research and production goals.

This open-source artificial intelligence platform is preferred by big brands included in the Fortune 500 list. It has made cutting-edge AI research accessible to all over APIs. The different products available with H20 are Sparkling Water, which can be integrated with Apache Spark and H204GPU, the GPU-accelerated version.

The USP of H20 enables businesses to generate useful insights from data without needing expertise in implementing ML models. It is fast, reliable, statistically sound and scales well.

4.Google Cloud
This artificial intelligence platform makes it easy for data engineers and ML developers to go from ideation to completion of their projects quickly and cost-effectively with an easy-to-use interface. Its integrated toolchain enables enterprises to design and deploy their machine learning apps.

Google AI platform lets you build portable machine learning pipelines that work efficiently on Cloud and on-premise without significant code changes. Plus, it gives you easy access to industry-leading AI technologies for deploying APIs for purchase prediction, customer sentiment analysis and spam detection.

So, Which is the Best platform for AI development?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. Most of these solutions are tied to a specific tech stack. Additionally, the best AI platforms are in a race to offer as many features as possible. So, it all boils down to your unique business goals and existing technology stack.

But regardless of what you choose, the bottom line is that AI is the wave of the future and it would be extremely unwise to not add it to your skills list.
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