6 Major Advantages of Using MEAN Stack for Development

Advantages of mean stack for app development

Top 6 Mean Stack Advantages For Application Development

The current business environment is getting more challenging than ever. Needless to say, that the pandemic makes it all the more challenging for businesses to survive. Everyone is struggling to gain a competitive edge and scale quickly. But to achieve the same, a tech upgrade is a must to create the impact you desire.

In every industry today, web and mobile applications are at the forefront, a big reason businesses worldwide are winning today. It all points towards a strong online presence that companies strive for. However, in all this mayhem, the MEAN Stack is the tool you need to lay your hands on. Yes, you heard that right.

Want to find out more? Please read this article as we take you through the six benefits of MEAN stack development,

1. Easy Switch Between Client and Server
With MEAN stack app development, the switch between client and server sides will be a lot easier. The reason? A common language for coding. No third-party standalone server is required to deploy the app. With the Node.js technology, the developer can directly deploy the apps to the server.

2. Very Versatile
Developers enjoy the flexibility that comes with the use of the MEAN stack. The frameworks make it easy to test apps on the cloud platform once the development process is complete. The development, testing & introduction make a seamless transition into the cloud processes. Additional information is welcome to be incorporated into the app with a different file onto the form. MongoDB is the technology responsible for this feature since it is tailored to the cloud. Also, there is automatic replication and full cluster support.

3. Quick MVP Development
MVP, as we know it, stands for a minimum viable product. It is an app developed with simple and basic features. It is the bare minimum of what consumers look for in a product. Needless to say, that it is built in the shortest time possible and cut costs for testing before being pushed out in the market. MEAN stack makes it easy to create an MVP in no time since it uses a basic framework.

4. Cost Effective
Cost plays a critical role in the app development process. It requires a massive amount of funds and also making sure the solution is a cost-effective one. If you are working on the MEAN stack, you need to know JavaScript inside out. On the other hand, other frameworks will require you to master a combination of technologies that include PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. MEAN stack, on the other hand, requires fewer developers involved. As a result, the cost is majorly reduced.

5. Isomorphic Coding is Possible
Smartphones operate mainly on two platforms – Android and iOS. Both have a unique set of features that help them stand out and match the requirements for the type of applications built. If you are creating an app for both platforms, a separate project is required for each. However, the MEAN stack makes your job much more comfortable. Apps that use the MEAN stack are isomorphic. It means that they work on multiple platforms without changing the base code. Thus, the developer has a lot less to work on and can spend time enhancing the app. Businesses that want to tap into a bigger market can benefit a lot from the MEAN stack. It is this single feature that makes the MEAN stack stand out among developers today.

6. A Single Programming Language
MEAN stack technologies are based on JavaScript for the programming language. The developers’ environment is improved to ensure the products catch end-users’ attention to solve their needs. With a single programming language, the backend response unit can effectively handle client requests as the program grows with time.

Get onto The Mean Stack Development Bandwagon

The benefits of using the MEAN stack are plenty and go beyond the ones we have mentioned above. Better app quality, optimized cost & time for app development are significant reasons that make MEAN stack a preferred choice.

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