Essential Skills Of Java Developer In 2020

Essential Skills that can make you most desirable Java Developer

Key Skills Needed For Java Developer

Java is a popular programming language in the world, since its introduction in 1995. A compiled language, with its object code not confined to any one processor or computer, makes it an excellent choice for developing cross-platform and web applications.

Therefore, while there exists a vast competition in the java developer’s market space, you need to have some unique skills to stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry, here are a few skills we suggest that will help you increase your desirability as Java Developer

  • Basics of Programming and OOPS
    The first skill you must have is the clarity in the fundamentals of programming. It would be great if you know the basics of programming, it’s working, standard operating procedures, and software development lifecycle. Most programming languages work on either of two main models:
    1. Procedure Oriented Programming
    2. Object-Oriented Programming

    Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. It will help you fine-tune the basics of object-oriented programming model in detail. Practical exposure to OOP model can help you excel in your career.

  • Problem Solving Skills
    Critical thinking is an ability a programmer is supposed to have in his kitty. You must be able to understand the problem, analyze the circumstances and churn out the most logical way to solve the issue. If you are not able to identify the problem and find a programmed solution based on various programming concepts, there is less chance of your selection. Employers may conduct some coding tests or hackathons to check your critical thinking or problem-solving ability. You can better your problem-solving skills by regularly practicing real-life challenges or even participating in coding competitions.
  • Knowledge of at Least One Or More Frameworks
    Frameworks are the most crucial part of a programming language. The structure is a user-written code that extends the generic functionality of the language. You can inherit the properties and attributes of the pre-written code of the frameworks into your code. It will minimize the coding and effort required. Most companies prefer to have java developers with specific framework skills. The most common Java Frameworks are Spring, Struts, Hibernate, GWT, JSF, Vaadin, Blade, and many more.
  • Vital Advanced Technical Skills
    A java programmer must also know the basic concepts of Software development apart from basic programming. The designing, security, software testing, and even multi-device compatibility skill can be cherry on the top of your cake of java skills. Java has inbuilt libraries and frameworks to achieve the goals mentioned above. Moreover, a competent java developer must know advance server deployment technologies. They must be aware of deploying their system on to shared hosting or even cloud. Knowledge of deployment on systems like AWS can be an added advantage. The concept of version control and collaborative development can briskly increase your desirability factor.
  • Knowledge of Latest Trends Such as AI, ML, and Big Data
    Apart from the basics of Java and related programming concepts, you must also be aware of the latest technological trends and ways through which you can implement it using java. Concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Data Analytics have become core parts of all the systems created. Hence, knowledge of these technologies can be another feather to your cap of success.

Learning these skills can improve your chances of being a java developer in a reputed organization. Multiple tutorials on the web can help you enhance your skills. Various online programming contests can help you be competitive. LearnAtRISE can help you in understanding the core concepts of java through our 4-month extended classroom and on-the-job Java developer training program. The real tangible benefit you can reap is only through practicing on real-life challenges. The substantial benefit you can realize is only through practicing on real-life problems.

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