Artificial Intelligence: The New Normal In E-Commerce

Benefits of ai in ecommerce

AI To Drive Growth For E-Commerce With Magento Commerce

Globally, the digital economy is picking up faster than ever. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains and last-mile delivery platforms, we already knew that the future of commerce would be digital.

Surprisingly, as the world moved into a state of lockdown, online purchases increased tremendously. Since most local stores and supermarkets were forced to remain shut, people resorted to online shopping. It was mainly for sanitation, hygiene, grocery, furniture and electronics to meet their needs. If you look at this trend closely, you would realize how consumers – including people like you and I depend on eCommerce stores even for our bare necessities.

In today’s challenging situation, consumers want to be served with a better online experience, somewhere close to what local stores would offer. It means better personalization, recommendations, discounts & safe doorstep delivery.

Interestingly, Magento eCommerce, owned by Adobe, recently launched a series of unique features. It automates and provides intelligent product recommendations to customers. As part of this new experience, AI is at the very core of it all.

Magento Product Recommendations Backed by Adobe Sensei

Magento users can develop AI-based intelligence and automation to empower consumers with relevant products. With AI-based product recommendations from Magento eCommerce building platform, businesses can drive revenue with optimized inventories and focus on outstanding customer experience.

Revolutionize Your Magento Store with Artificial Intelligence
Here’s a look at how Magento eCommerce development powered by AI can help businesses create a unique platform.

Virtual Shopping Assistant
With AI in place, the virtual shopping assistant provides consumers with a brand-new shopping experience. It has information on the best deals, services, new products and products that other people look at.

Personalized Mobile Shopping
Since most people shop on their phones, a mobile-friendly virtual assistant adds to the experience. It picks up users’ data to provide products and recommendations that are location-specific, meet specific requirements, and are budget-friendly.

Safe and Secure Platform
Getting your eCommerce platform AI-ready will get rid of any possible fraudulent activities. Especially with online payments and transactions, customers run the risk of sharing their personal details. However, with AI in Magento, you can save time and identify possible risky third-party platforms.

Perfect Shopping Experience
Both B2B and B2C use Magento for its advanced search options and other features to deliver a good user experience.

How Would Your Store Benefit from AI?

With personalized recommendations, users immediately get notified about the top deals, promotions & products based on their previous online behavior.

Automation helps eCommerce businesses in saving both time and energy. It simplifies processes both on the frontend and backend. With a smart artificial assistant in place, you can coordinate sales, reach potential and loyal customers, and identify possible online transaction risks.

Smart Search
Whether it is a small or a large-scale business, AI software helps you stay ahead of the competition. Magento development service helps with an AI integration that allows you to track customer interests and past searches.

Reach Potential Customers
The whole idea of AI is to continuously drive innovation with engaging ads and digital promotions that excite customers about their next big purchase. Once you start recording user behavior, it is easy to identify choices and predict possible future trends that attract more customers.

Better Sales
After all, who doesn’t want to win at sales? Artificial intelligence allows voice search through Natural Language Learning. With that in place, businesses can respond better to customer queries, fix issues & bring in innovation.

Real-Time Assistance
People are on their phones all the time. Even if it is late into the night, customers still make purchases. That’s when virtual assistance comes to play & customers can get their queries answered on the spot.

Predicting Outcomes
Artificial Intelligence relies on data analysis to predict outcomes. It picks up patterns and understands what people like. On that basis, it delivers results that help businesses understand how their platform can serve better.

There are plenty of benefits that the Magento platform can offer to deliver the best experience for users. We are confident that Artificial Intelligence will take eCommerce businesses to new heights. We are also sure that you are excited about the future of eCommerce. So, why not dive in a little deeper to sharpen your skills? Our eCommerce training course at LearnAtRISE has plenty to offer to those who want to explore this dynamic and exciting space.

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