Reasons Why WordPress Should Be Your First Choice For Web Development

Essential tips for the beginners in WordPress

Advanced WordPress Learning Tips For Students

If you are a beginner to the Web Development Industry and wish to develop a website, the most repeated advice you may receive will be to try WordPress. WordPress is considered as an Ideal Option for Web Development by not only start-ups and small businesses but also high traffic websites like TechCrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, Microsoft News Centre, TIME Inc., Facebook Newsroom, The New York Times and many more. According to a report from BuiltWith the CMS Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites, WordPress has claimed the top spots with a market share of 49%.

WordPress is a content management system which is written using PHP. It uses the MySQL Database Engine. It can also be deployed on a MySQL, MariaDB or SQLite database engine.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

Owing to its extensive capability and user-friendliness, WordPress tops the choice for Web Development. WordPress can be used to create multiple types of websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites, and even applications. What makes WordPress even more exciting is the fact that WordPress is Open Source and Free to Use Commercially. Anyone one can reuse, modify, or extend the existing WordPress codebase according to his/her requirements. It is shared with GNU GPL V2 License.

Here are some important pointers to help you take on WordPress learning:

  • Develop Problem Solving Attitude
    With a goal in mind, you start developing your website, and WordPress will enable you to learn the vital functions to research, experiment, make decisions, and find solutions to problems. For example, get push notifications for the blog, or making that Youtube video responsive across the platform as a web developer, you will have to develop logic. How? The learning of the essential functions of WordPress will force you to research, experiment, make decisions, and find solutions to problems.
  • Fundamentals Of Organization
    As a beginner, it is vital that you must learn how to layout a website, creating pages and blog posts, and how to maximize the SEO, or search engine optimization, all that is in demand for modern organizations. Therefore, with LearnAtRISE, you will get familiarized with website navigation menus, primarily the site experience and flow. For example –  if you are an artist what do you put on the home page? Moreover, how do you break down the project to show your process? With so many moving parts, you learn to plan and be proactive.
  • Research
    WordPress lets you develop your ability to discover and filter information will a steady approach. To explore every new feature, blog post, or tweak, LearnAtRISE specialists will you develop research, refine, and relay ideas that are effective to use in the professional world.
  • Develop Community Support
    WordPress is an open-source platform, offers active open-source community support. It has its own proactive and engaging community of developers and open-source advocates. Through, a professional training center like LearnAtRISE, get trained on how to gain insights on supporting queries to organize Q&A Sessions, meet-ups, and even big symposiums (Like WordCamp), and support forums.

To conclude, WordPress is developed with such a simplicity that even a novice can create a website or a blog. It is so flexible for developers to tweak their code and extend its functionality. There is a vast opportunity that underlies for the person who learns to develop a website using WordPress. There is a considerable demand for WordPress developers in both India and abroad. WordPress developers are even most sought CMS developers. According to the Job and Recruiting site – Glassdoor, a WordPress developer is paid around 1.2 to 6.84 Lakhs per annum, with an average of 3.72 Lakhs per Annum based on skills and experience.

LearnAtRISE is offering you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the WordPress program to advance and master your skills. If you are a fresher or a student looking to kick-start your career as a WordPress Developer, you must join our course on Content Management System where we train students of WordPress and Drupal alongside concepts of PHP.

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