Scope Of Voice Search For Business Website

How is voice search enablement with mobile site revolutionizing search

Voice Search Technology Driving Website Design

The average person types between 35 to 40 words per minute and the same person could speak at somewhere between 120 and 150 words at the same time. It means most of us can speak much more quickly and efficiently than we type. It is one of the reasons why voice search technology is becoming so popular and is a preferred search mechanism.

Voice search is the newest trend in the tech world. We live in a world where smart appliances support voice assistant surrounds us. Whether it is Smartphones, Computer, Tablets, TVs, Smart Speakers including Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod, such voice-based personal AI assistants are here to help us anywhere, anytime. From calling someone to turning on the lights of your room or finding an Italian restaurant nearby, the opportunities seem endless with voice search.

Interestingly, Google states that 20% of mobile queries today are voice-related. According to the recent analysis by ComScore, 50% of all the searches are likely to be held through voice by 2020. Also, Gartner has predicted that 30% of the web browsing sessions will occur without a screen. Therefore, the voice search technology is currently in full swing and is growing exponentially, year on year bases.

Now, as we have learned about the importance of voice search technology, let’s understand how businesses can start designing mobile websites for voice search.

A Mobile-Friendly Version Of Your Website

As most of the searches originate from smart devices, the visitors will likely view the sites through mobile browsers. So, it caters the need to mold your website for voice search through mobile devices for the best user experience. Hence, companies need to upgrade their site so that the visitors can get their search results correctly on their mobile devices.

Larger text, bigger buttons, compressed images, pre-made web design, and more are some the factors to be considered while designing a mobile-friendly version of the website. If you’re considering web design and development as your career, and if you wish to learn more about website design and development, check our web development training program.

Make Sure Your Websites Loads Quickly

Google voice search favors websites to rank higher if the website loads faster. The developer needs to ensure that the site is responsive and works well on different mobile devices. Moreover, using compressed files and images aids to the speed time of site loading.

Improve Your Local SEO

For businesses to stay in the game, their SEO strategy must be voice search-friendly. It is hard to say how these changes will pan out but keep a flexible approach and embrace the changes as and when they come. Nearly 22 % of the voice search queries are looking for location-based content. Take a look at the current SEO strategy, top keywords, Ad spends, and more to improve your website’s search results.

To conclude, website designing for voice search plays a crucial role to improve enterprise brand awareness and generate revenue. And, further you can even explore our various programs to enhance your learning   take a step forward to a fascinating and exciting career in technology world.

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