5 Must-Follow Software Testing Steps For An Engineer

software testing steps

Software Quality Assurance Steps

We are witnessing a surge in demand for mobile apps, websites & software today. The pandemic has made people rely on such digital tools more in their routine. Be it checking the news, doing office work, social connect, or anything, software programs make the job easier. However, companies need to ensure the timely delivery of digital solutions with all quality checks to meet user requirements.

A well-planned QA (Quality Assurance) process with the right software testing steps can help identify defects at early development stages. As a software engineer, you should know how to formulate primary testing strategies and save time & cost.

This article is for those who wish to learn the right approach for testing a software or application. Here, we have covered essential steps, followed by quality software delivery professionals.

1. Test Basic Functions

As a first step in the software testing process, you can perform necessary functionality testing. Make sure that each button on the respective screens works appropriately. Enter simple text in each field and check if the software can handle it or not.

As your testing team would try different combinations of characters, clicks & more, you do not need to do that. Here, the idea is to study if the software can work properly when a user starts entering the name or crashes.

You can also run tests to ensure that the fundamental API functionality works if the software feature works through an API. It would help you and your team to stay aware of the issue and fix it later.

2. Review the Code

This is one of the essential testing steps in software testing. Many companies have made it a standard in their quality analysis protocol. There might be instances where the source code fails to run and have some issues. Therefore, we recommend reviewing software code manually before passing it for the automation testing.

You can take notes as well on how the code executes and if there is any problem. It helps solve errors during or after the quality check is completed.

3. Study the Static Code

After performing the above two steps for software testing, you can start doing the static code analysis. Tools like Apache Yetus, Kiuwan, CodeRush, Lint, and more can efficiently help you do this activity. Using such static code analysis tools, you can easily find security vulnerabilities and other potential flaws in the software.

4. Perform Unit Testing

In the modern approach of continuous integration & continuous delivery, unit testing has become an integral part of many QA strategies. As a developer, you should carry out unit tests before you hand over the testing team’s setup.

In unit testing, you can test various parts of the source code individually. You can also write test cases to confirm that different units such as class, method, or even component work correctly. It would be ideal for running unit tests with every change you make to the source code.

5. Do Not Forget Performance Testing

Even if software or application works appropriately but takes edges to respond, it shall not be approved for further testing. That is why software testing step by step is crucial if you want to execute it appropriately.

You can take either a qualitative or quantitative performance testing approach to check various aspects of the solution. It can cover but not limited to

  • Speed (i.e., time for system response, feature access, data rendering and more)
  • Load balancing between servers
  • System stability & scalability

You can divide performance testing into different types, such as stress testing and load testing. It will help analyze system behavior under various situations like visitor traffic, user requests, database response & more.


We hope this article helped you get the right understanding of software testing process steps to deliver quality products in time. Suppose you want to know about the complete software testing lifecycle. In that case, you can opt for reliable Software testing training in Vadodara. It would help you clear the concepts of testing and add an extra feather to your skillset.

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