Top Web Development Trends in 2019

Top Web Development Trends in 2019

Latest Web Development Trends That Are Shaping 2019

2019 as we have been experiencing is the year of innovation, innovative concepts, and breakthrough advancements in technology. Smartphone applications, websites in the online world is under constant upgrade, and this seems to be an everlasting trend. It is with the implementation of technologies, like AR and VR, that the experiences for the end users are changing dramatically.

So, as a student, if you are intrigued by what the future trends in web development may look like, look at our compilation here:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots: AI and Chatbots aid in business engagement through social interaction. They help you increase the traffic on your website and answer questions without delay, improving your service standards. Automating web development process, along with human-machine collaboration, makes the developer free of her daily struggles, giving her more time to work on value-added services. Watch out for Siri and her likes!
  2. Cybersecurity: Data theft, confidentiality breaches, and privacy infringement issues are still keeping the IT professionals up. How to escape a cyber-attack or keep the website from getting hacked is a big challenge for the industry, and there is much work to be done on that front.
  3. Low Code Development: If you are not a proficient coder don’t worry, Low Code Development is here at your disposal. With Low Code Development, you can develop and deploy a website fast and easy without being an expert coder. Companies nowadays prefer this over resource consuming conventional process of web design and development.
  4. Progressive Web Apps: Progressive web app is a website that functions exactly like a native mobile app. Most of the brands are switching to PWAs for better conversion rates and engagement. Unlike the usual sites which work on data, the PWA once preloaded on the device can be used even with an internet connection.
  5. JavaScript Frameworks: Frameworks provide a reusable design platform to support the best programming languages. They allow the Developers to reuse an already written function as many times as they want and hence the developer ends up saving a lot of time and effort as she doesn’t have to repeat the unnecessary codes anymore. You can choose a framework of your choice; some popular JavaScript Frameworks are – React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js ember.js, Backbone.js.
  6. Single Page Applications: A single page Application is nothing but a unique page website where everything is on one page only, and a user need not navigate to other pages. It is like a long web page that has all the content of your website on it. Plus it interacts with the user dynamically by rewriting the current page rather than reloading all the pages from the server ensuring uninterrupted user experience.

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