Most In-Demand Website Development Trends of 2020

Web Development Trends

Latest Trends In Web Application Development

Web development trends keep on evolving continuously. And, to keep up with this digitization wage, the developers must stay on top of the most popular technologies and trends and adapt it to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s dig in deeper to know about the top web development trends for 2020:

  1. Chatbots
    Chatbots are revolutionizing the world of web development by providing an improved digital customer experience. It provides 24/7 instant response to site visitor’s queries automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology by significantly reducing the wait time for the end-user. Building a chatbot to interact with users and designing a conversational User Interface (UI) is gaining immense popularity.So, a web developer must build, configure, and deploy a Chatbot in web development to automate the business process.
  2. Voice Search
    Voice search optimization is one of the rising trends as voice search is easily accessible on mobile, PCs, and other platforms. Digital voice assistants are an integral feature of modern smartphones (Google assistant for Android and Siri for iPhone). Besides, AI-based smart speakers are gaining popularity. Web developers today are working towards integrating more voice search methods such as voice recognition APIs ad pre-built widgets to recognize the user’s voice.
  3. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
    Though progressive web apps have been around for many years now, it still turns out to be the hottest trend in 2020. PWAs are the websites that deliver an almost identical experience like native mobile apps. It provides a flawless user experience by enabling them to access all the information and capabilities without requiring to download a mobile app. Hence, PWA is gaining momentum in the development space because it can be used offline, once preloaded in the device. Some of the well-recognized brands, including Uber, Twitter, Forbes, Flipkart, have switched to PWAs for better engagement and conversion rates.
  4. Single Page Application
    Single page application is conquering the digital world because it provides a more flexible, desktop-like user experience on all the devices with enhanced site performance. It is based on JavaScript that eliminates reloading requirements to load every single web page. SPAs are used to display all the information on a single web page of the website.
  5. Motion User Interface (UI)
    Motion UI is an emerging trend in the web development industry. It supports dynamic graphics and animations for creating interactive web design in web development. Motion UI works as an attention-grabber by creating vivid graphics in the native app settings. Developers can animate content (fonts, colors, space, title) quickly by acquiring the necessary skills for motion UI. Hence, UI motion design tools have become more common among developers to create a great user experience.


We hope that this article helped you to gains insights into the latest web development trends and new technologies that will dominate in 2020. Hence, web development is a vast field with ample job opportunities. Companies are opting for an end-to-end specialist for their projects. If you wish to fast track your career as a web developer, join LearnAtRISE`s Full stack web developer training and kick off your career in a turbo boost mode.

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