Top 10 Essential Skills Needed For Android Developer

android developer key skills

Android Developer Must Know Skills In 2020

Mobility has experienced substantial growth and adoption rate in the past few years. And, mobile applications have gradually invaded every sphere of modern life and business. Android is the indisputable leader of the global mobile OS market share, which holds 74.3% of the entire market share as per the recent study by Statcounter. This significant lead of the Android platform indicates high job security for Android developers.

So, with the rise in demand for developing innovative Android apps, the need for skilled and efficient developers has also increased.

Here we will watch out top 10 essential skills needed to become a proficient Android developer:

1.Proficiency in Java, Kotlin or Both

Java and Kotlin are the two official Android application programming languages. The foremost skill you need to kick-start your career in Android app development world is to be well-versed with at least of the two official languages.

2.Fundamentals of XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to define design layouts (user interface) in an Android application. The language empowers developers to create layout elements like buttons, text views, titles, and more. It is imperative to get an understanding of the core philosophies of XML.

3.Understanding of SQL

Android developers need to learn SQL to store the databases within Android apps and to organize user’s data. It is necessary to integrate your application with a database to manage the data. Most of the employers are looking to hire an Android developer with SQL experience.

4.Basics of Android Testing

Testing is an integral part of the application development process. Users interact with the developed application on various levels. So, it is essential to test each class and module during the development phase. Some of the most commonly used testing libraries are Junit, Mockito, Espresso, and more.

5.Familiarity with Android Studio

Android studio is a suitable integrated development environment (IDK) for the android operating system. It provides error identification, memory monitoring, automated suggestion empowering developers to build fully-featured apps quickly. It is essential to learn the features of Android Studio.

6.Android SDK Concepts

It will also help if you focus on the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). An Android SDK consists of a set of development tools used to develop mobile applications. It includes libraries, debugger, documentation, and more. Knowledge of Android SDK helps you become a successful android developer.

7.Material Design

Material design is an Android oriented design language that includes a complete guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across various devices. An android developer must follow the guidelines specification and embed new components and styles from the support library to develop visually engaging, unique mobile applications

8.Knowledge to Backend Functionality

The backend development contains all the code that drives the applications. It allows developers to implement functionality such as serving content to client apps, real-time interactions, backing up user data to the cloud, and more. Hence, knowing backend technologies will help you understand ‘what’s happening at the backend of your Android app.

9.Basics of Android Security

Security is the most crucial aspect of mobile applications. There are various software libraries used to secure your android apps. Hence, it is vital to learn how to make your application more secure.

10.Non-Technical Skills

A proficient android developer not only possess excellent coding and incredible design skills, but they also have excellent collaborative and communication skills. You need to sharpen your non-technical skills to boost your career in Android development.


So with this, we hope you know which skills you need to work upon. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in an exclusive android development course now to learn the basic concepts and essential skills required to become a professional Android Developer.

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