Popular CMS Trends In 2020 To Develop Robust Web Applications

Emerging CMS trends

Latest Technological Trends of CMS You Must Know In 2020

Out of the total websites hosted on the World Wide Web (www), a lion share of sites are get developed using one or other Content Management Systems (CMS). Content management systems play an essential role is application development by reducing the time required for developing a critical and complex application with the help of its predefined libraries and plugins that extends functionalities.

With the beginning of 2020 we can expect to witness an increasing growth rate of the CMS usage. Backed by an active open-source community, these CMS have implemented the latest technologies to face the new challenges of the changing world. CMS has been more potent than ever before.

Let us look at some of the technologies that will influence CMS in 2020

1. Cloud-based CMS

Cloud CMS is a traditional CMS hosted on a cloud server.

However, why is it important? What makes it different from legacy CMS?

The Answer is the scalability it provides. Cloud CMS enables flexibility in terms of integrations and customizations. Cloud CMS helps in faster installation, secure collaboration, tightened security, and smooth migration & scaling.

2. Headless CMS

Headless CMS is an only back-end content management system, which allows accessing content via RESTful API. Headless CMS will be a trend in upcoming generations owing to the functionalities it offers, such as Omnichannel readiness, low operating costs, easy to use, flexible & scalable, secure customization, and more. Headless CMS hosted on a cloud server will be the first choice of web developers in the coming time.

3. Expanding Content Teams

Content marketing is at its peak. More and more companies are opting to strengthen their content development and distribution team. Content creators and marketers are hence in huge demand. CMS has been at the core of the content marketing scenario. More accessible, the content distribution system is, more is the content created & consumed. We predict, due to better and user-friendly CMS, there will be a rise in demand for content creators and marketers.

4. Artificial Intelligence and CMS

Artificial Intelligence has generously influenced almost all fields. Content management systems aren`t left far behind in embracing this positive change. In 2020, CMS will be well equipped with features such as automatic Image Tagging, personalized content marketing, tone and sentiments analysis, real-time SEO, advanced analytics, and many more, all of which would be aided by AI.

5. Increasing Spending on Personalization

CMS owing to these significant technological advancements have gone far beyond just being content management tools. CMS these days have extensive functionalities to support full-fledged complex systems. 2020 would be a year, customization, and extreme personalization. Headless CMS and Cloud CMS will be a significant part of this change.

6. Content-First Mentality

Many online businesses are now driven through the content marketing aspect of a business. More and more organizations are now opting for content marketing as their primary source of lead/customer acquisition strategy. In 2020, we believe content marketing and content first mentality would increase and consequently affect the rise and sustainability of the CMS ecosystem.

7. Making business sense of big data: where content comes in

With content being created in the vast amount, we can expecta rise in the challenges of its storage and efficient management. The problem of big data will be resolved for CMS, and all the related issues would be apparent. We would be moving toward cloud CMS with strong significant data support with real-time integration, implementation of business analytics, data science, and many more.

CMS developers are using the latest technological trends in continually upgrading its features and making it future-ready. We believe that content management systems are having a bright future ahead. Get yourself ready for ever-evolving CMS market with LearnAtRISE`s exclusive content management system training course today.

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