Best WordPress Plugins For Developers To Install & Use

Top wordpress plugins

Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Developers

Are you a web developer working with WordPress? Do you want to know about the best WordPress plugins that can help you deliver efficient solutions? If yes, this article is for you.

There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available today. They cater to users’ different needs based on the type of website, niche and project requirement. Plugins help improve site features such as security, marketing, code optimization, loading speed & more. That’s why many developers find themselves in a dilemma to find the plugin that works best for them.

Hence, we have filtered out six top WordPress plugins to help you in different aspects of your development project.

1.Debug Bar

It is a handy plugin to identify PHP warnings, track MySQL queries and other debugging info. When you install & activate this plugin, it adds a menu on the WordPress admin bar. You can then check query, cache, memory usage & other useful information in one place through this feature.
Debug Bar also keeps track of the PHP errors and alerts you for the same. You need to enable WordPress error reporting in the wp-config.php file to get the notifications.

2.Theme Check

It is one of the most used WordPress developer plugins today. It has more than 50,000 active installs currently. This plugin allows you to test the theme using automated testing tools that runs before theme submissions. It enables you to check the theme compatibility with the current WordPress standards.
You can perform the tests from an easy-to-use admin menu and display all the results at once. As a result, you can ensure the theme matches with the latest coding principles and practices.

3.CSS Hero

The appearance of a site is an essential factor to provide an engaging user experience. CSS Hero is among the top WordPress plugins, which helps developers customize a website’s look easily. You get all the tools & resources you need to edit your site’s visual elements in real-time.
We all know that WordPress automatically adjusts a site as per the particular device size. CSS Hero plugin allows you to customize the code for desktop, mobile and tablet versions of your site without causing errors. This notable feature helps you manage complex CSS elements like text-shadows, box-shadows & more efficiently.

4.User Switching

This plugin can be a great addition to your WordPress website if it has multiple users. You can install and activate it in no time. Once you have it, you will not need to log in & log out of your site to test or manage it from different accounts. You can easily switch between registered users and save time while working in the WordPress test environment.


Security is one of the critical elements of any development project. With three million-plus active installations, WordFence is a popular firewall & security scanner plugin. It follows the latest firewall rules and monitors the malicious IP addresses & malware signatures to keep your site secure.
While active, WordFence also scans all the directory files to identify malicious code, broken or substandard URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, and other problems. You receive alerts and emails about any issues on the WordPress site found by this tool.

6.Query Monitor

Query Monitor is also one of the most useful WordPress plugins for development teams. Like the Debug Bar, it adds a new toolbar in the admin menu. It continuously shows many advanced debugging features that other plugins do not display.
Such components include database queries, PHP errors, recommended actions, HTTP API calls and more. Whether you are an expert professional or novice in the field, this plugin can make the debugging task a lot easier & quicker.

Bonus Recommendations

Apart from the six must-have WordPress developer plugins mentioned above, we also suggest the below options. They will help better manage your sites.

    • UpdraftPlus – It allows you to take automatic backups of a WordPress site and store them at a remote location for easy recovery.
    • W3 Total Cache – This plugin helps optimize website SEO by improving site performance and loading time.
    • Simple History – It keeps track of the recent changes made on the site and displays directly on the user dashboard.


We hope this list of the best WordPress plugins for developers helped you discover the right options that you were looking for. These plugins would save development and debugging time & effort. And, if you want to be at the top of your game, join LearnAtRise’s Content Management System developer course. It will clear the concepts of PHP and different CMS platforms with real-time projects and training.

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