ASP.NET Vs. PHP – Which Is A Better Platform For Web Development

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What Is The Difference Between PHP And ASP.NET?

There are many technologies available to build feature-rich web applications and provide an engaging user experience. ASP.NET and PHP are the top contenders on the list.

PHP is one of the most popular technology among developers today. ASP.NET from Microsoft is also a widely used open-source web framework. Therefore, when it comes to select one of them for web development, developers find themselves in a dilemma.

Here, we will talk about each technology in a brief, their fundamental differences and quick comparison. It will help you decide the right option for your next web development project.


As we all know, it is a C#-based web development framework by Microsoft. You get a complete software infrastructure and other services that you need to create excellent web applications. It includes pattern libraries & tools, editor extensions, web-page template syntax, authentication system and more.


Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1995. It is also a server-side scripting language. Today, it has become one of the most popular open-source platforms among developers. It also provides open-source libraries, extensions and tools for comfortable & efficient web development.

What is the difference between ASP.NET and PHP?

There is no doubt that each of these technologies has its benefits for the developers & businesses. They both can help deliver quality web solutions with faster time to market and as per the client’s needs. However, when it comes to choosing only one among them, specific parameters can help. Below, we have highlighted some key differences between ASP.NET & PHP.

1.Market Share & Support

According to a report by SimilarTech, PHP is leading with 5.9 live websites currently. At the same time, 1.9 million live websites are based on ASP.NET today.

If we talk about community support, both ASP.NET and PHP have a pool of dedicated developers. They continuously share tips, answers to user questions & guidance on the community platform. That means you would find solutions to your queries in both forums. However, working in the PHP forum compared to ASP.NET can be more accessible & quicker due to many developers’ support.

2. Performance & Speed

These are the critical elements to measure the success of a web development project. When it comes to the ASP.NET Vs. PHP performance, many have the misconception that the language of the framework is the determiner. That is not the case. It mostly depends on the way coding has been done for web development.
ASP.NET has the upper hand here as many developers discover its coding structure more precise & systematic than PHP. It is easier & quicker for them to develop desktop applications in ASP.NET than PHP. However, many of them find PHP as an excellent option for large size projects as well.

3. Cost & Scalability

PHP is an open-source language. It does not require any paid tools or licenses. On the other hand, as a Microsoft product, ASP.NET requires a web-hosting fee from the users.
When we compare PHP vs. ASP.NET in terms of scalability, it depends on how proficient you are in using them. Both technologies offer as much scalability as you need for a specific project. Therefore, we recommend studying the business requirement carefully and picking up the platform wisely.

Quick Comparison of ASP.NET vs. PHP

Parameter ASP.NET PHP
Type It is a web application framework by Microsoft. It is a general-purpose scripting language.
Suitable For ASP.NET is suitable for large-sized enterprise needs. PHP can support Small, medium & large sized web solutions.
Security It offers a high number of in-built features. It has less efficient in-built features compared to .NET.
Cost You may need to pay higher hosting fees based on your project. PHP is open-source and its maintenance fees are relatively lower.
Community Support You get support from the limited yet dedicated developers. You can experience excellent community support from PHP developers worldwide.


We hope the above post helped you identify the essential differences between ASP.NET and PHP. Both technologies share a fair amount of benefits for web development. If you want to gain in-depth technical knowledge to create a full-featured app, join LearnAtRise’s ASP.NET training course. You will get a better understanding through an up-to-date, comprehensive course content with on-the-job training.

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