Is Android Development A Good Career Option For 2021 And Beyond?

Android developer future scope

Why Should You Choose A Career In Android App Development?

We are witnessing a surge in the mobile application development market. Today, smartphones & internet connectivity have become a necessity for many people across the world. Be it social networking, games, media, e-commerce, or anything; users rely on mobile apps. It has led to increasing demand for skilled developers in Android and other platforms.
Do you also have thought of studying or improving your skills in app development? Do you wish to excel as a mobile application developer? But, unsure about whether to choose a career in Android development or not?

If you have such questions in mind, here are some reasons to solve any doubts you may have,

1. Android App Development is on Boom
We know that Android & iOS are two mobile app giants dominating the global smartphone market. However, Android tops the list with 74.43% of total mobile OS market share and above 52 billion app downloads today.
Companies need more high quality, engaging apps to reach a wider audience, gain more visibility, and increase revenue. On the other hand, consumers want applications that make their daily routine easier. Hence, there is a huge demand for Android developers to build new user-friendly apps and improve existing ones’ performance.

2. Open Source Platform
It is one of the critical advantages of choosing Android as a career option. As an open-source platform, Android offers a royalty-free, best technology framework. It gives you the freedom to use a wide range of license-free components as per the requirement. You can even edit & extend the source code and practice your development skills to build feature-rich apps.

3. Vast Community Support
The online support groups, forums and other platforms in the mobile app industry continue to grow at a rapid pace. You can interact with developers from this extensive community at any stage of Android development to solve queries. It is a great place where you can learn, share and work together with other professionals.

4. Easy Learning Curve
Learning Android app development is easy for those having essential knowledge of Core Java. If you have the ability to study industry problems and think logically for the solution, you can easily grow your career in Android app development.
You can learn the necessary skills for a mobile app developer through online classes or courses nearby you. It would help you train with the experts from the field and get the right knowledge.

5. Higher Pay
Companies provide a considerable salary package to expert developers. According to PayScale, the average earning of a median Android software developer in India is ₹ 3.6 Lakhs. You can get even higher pay based on your experience and expertise. It also depends on how you ace the interview.

Scope of Android Developer in Future

There are numerous job opportunities available in the mobile app development field. As an Android development professional, you can choose from various job roles. It includes,

  • Android developer
  • Android app development engineer
  • Mobile developer
  • Mobile lead software engineer
  • Mobile embedded software engineer and more

With the growing demand for new, innovative mobile apps, the need for trained professionals will continue to increase. As per a study, more than 135 thousand new job positions in Android app development will be available by 2024.


Mobile technology is highly competitive. If you want to get the best Android career opportunities, you need to nurture your skills continuously. You can join the right Android application development course in your city. It can help you get the required technical knowledge and move ahead on the right career path.

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