Important Corporate Etiquette You Must Know

Important Corporate Etiquettes

Important Corporate Etiquette You Must Know

Today, Companies spend a substantial amount of resources in inducting new joiners hoping that they will turn out to be long-term players and imbibe their core values and philosophy while doing so. Therefore, if you are a fresher starting a new job, look at it as the beginning of your life. It is a world of high expectations, immense work pressure, and possible frustration of not having managed any of it before. Also as a fresher, the fact of life the life remains that losing a fresher might not be that significant loss to the organization, but for you, as a budding professional it could mean a life-changing experience.

So, here are a few corporate etiquettes for you which if followed can put you ahead of the curve. Remember, at the end of the day; it’s the quality of your output/ your performance as well as your attitude that adds weight to the position you hold.

Be Punctual 
Report to work on time, report to all official meetings/ events .on time. Ensure you attempt to respond to all the emails within a 24-hour window.

Be Well Dressed
Dress impeccably at work. Invest in proper formals and shoes, upgrade your wardrobe if required.

Always carry a notepad and a pen along while meeting your team/ Manager and otherwise. Practice this even when you are going for an informal gathering. Try and know the topic of the meeting beforehand so you can be prepared and can also contribute to the discussion with meaningful inputs.

Work Task Update
It is always a good practice to share your job list vs. job status mail with your reporting authority every evening before you leave. It gives your Manager with excellent visibility on what you are doing and how are you performing on the tasks assigned. Raise red flags if required.

Respect Your Colleagues & Co-Workers
Maintain your office decorum, be polite and humble to people at your workplace irrespective of their designation/ stature in the organization.

Acknowledge Feedback
Feedback – good/ bad is meant to improve you, take it positively and thank people around you who took the pains to evaluate your performance. Remember its thoroughly professional; you need not take it personally or get upset about it instead channelize your energies and work on the feedback to be a better professional.

Be Busy
Companies pay you for working, so if you are relatively free to ask your Manager to give you a new task or keep yourself busy by helping another co-worker.

Breaks, Personal Calls, Social Media and more
Avoid loitering, frequent interruptions, frequently missing from your desk, taking long personal calls, checking social media, etc. for more than what is allowed. Strictly adhere to the Company policies on these. Don’t forget to use a mouth freshener if you are a smoker.

Don’t Gossip
Avoid gossiping about the company or staff with other team members. It only puts you in bad books.

Company Assets
Avoid using/wasting company property for personal use or otherwise. Be responsible, take care of tasks assigned to you as they are for a reason.

Keep Your Work Station Tidy
make it a daily practice to clean it up before you go.

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