The First Job Interview – How To Get It Right

Tips To Crack Your First Job Interview

Expert Tips To Crack Interviews

While you may have set your eyes on your dream job, the interview process itself can be quite intimidating. If you have an upcoming interview, don’t stress, all you need is much preparedness and a bit of good luck to crack it. This article takes you through a few Dos and Don’ts to give you a head start on what its all about.

  1. Appearance
    • Dressing: Clothes should be neat and well ironed. Boys can go with a light-colored formal shirt, dark trousers, and a matching tie. Girls can dress in Salwar Kameez /western wear of choice
    • Grooming: Hair should be nicely combed and pushed away from the face, Boys should be clean shaved, Girls can try light makeup if comfortable
    • Shoes: Boys to wear formal, polished, black, shoes. Girls to try close-toed formal shoes, preferably black.

Tip: Avoid wearing things that make you conscious

  1. Resume
    • Not more than two pages, your resume should be well worded, without grammatical errors and with a recent photograph. Avoid using big, complicated words and jargons
    • Always carry extra copies of your resume
  2. Before You Enter
    • Switch off your mobile phone
    • Keep ready a sleek file containing your certificates, mark sheets, resume, a few blank pages, and a pen
    • Take a couple of deep breaths to calm you down
  3. When You Enter
    • If you are crossing a door its always better to knock, peep and ask for permission to enter
    • Once in, greet the panel with a polite hello/ Good Afternoon, and a friendly smile
    • Ensure every member on the board has your resume
  4. While Answering
    • Keep yourself calm and composed
    • Your answers should be direct and to the point, backed by examples if required
    • If you don’t know an answer acknowledge the fact rather than beating about the bush

What are they looking for: Most of the Companies while hiring freshers are looking out for candidates who are willing to learn, work hard, have a positive mindset, work well under pressure, have a logical thinking process, able to multi-task, keep deadlines, focus more on solutions than problems and are excellent team players.  The aptitude as well as the attitude matters. They prefer people who fit their organizational values and will be long term players in the growth story. Sometimes the panel is pressed for time as they may have a long line of candidates to interview so make it short, sweet and memorable.  Let’s look at some common questions to prepare for, few of these can be deal breakers so rehearse them well and ensure the answers come out flawless and effortless

Common Questions To Prepare For:

  1. Tell us something about yourself
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses
  3. What do you know about our Company
  4. Why did you choose to pursue Engineering in IT / Comp Sci Stream?
  5. What is your favorite subject/ topic
  6. What are your salary expectations
  7. Why should we hire you
  8. Where do you see yourself five years from now

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