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Role Of LearnAtRISE As An Innovative Educator

Our educational landscape is rapidly changing. Educators play a crucial role in forming and shaping learning culture. Suppose you’re thinking of investing time and money in learning something. In that case, you need to be of utmost confidence that it’s the best fit for your academic, professional and personal needs.

LearnAtRISE, an initiative from Rishabh Software, offers hands-on learning and training on improving technology skills and competency. With experiential learning, the objective is to train the individuals on the upcoming trends across leading technologies. Through this article, we’ll discuss the learning imperative of LearnAtRISE.

On-the-Job Training
A focused training approach serves a purpose to upskill every individual in securing a job that best matches their skill set. We guide learners to excel in their choice of technology domains.

Learn from Industry Experts
Get an opportunity to learn under the guidance of technically proficient mentors. Mentored by a team of industry experts, having diverse industry experience will make you industry-ready. This helps you excel in the professional IT world.

Teaching Creatively
Innovative mentors continue to discover and devise new methods to ensure that their students always get unmatched learning experiences. We understand students’ needs and create conducive learning environments to maximize success opportunities.

Project-based Learning
The hands-on practical experience through real-time work projects with real-time on-job experience reflects the need to prompt learners to get an in-depth understanding of the chosen subject matter. Our experts provide a custom-learning approach to sharpen each student’s technical and behavioral arena.

Specialized Courses
A knowledge-sharing skill enhancement initiative offers handcrafted courses. It comprises academic internships in the IT sector across PHP, Data Analytics, ASP.NET, E-commerce, etc. The program includes various modules such as application, design, development implementation and live projects. Our team of experts has designed the learning plan as per the current market’s needs, which helps one gain practical industrial exposure. It ensures to improve your employability skills and better your chances of becoming self-sufficient.

ACTION Approach
Learning with RISE is acquired through ACTION based learning approach. It stands for:

A – right Attitude
C – staying Connected
T – latest Technology
I – Innovation
O – Open minds
N – Never give up

To conclude, LearnAtRISE is an initiative that focuses on bridging the learning breach between the industry and academia. It provides a unique combination to hone each student in technical and behavioral aspects through practical education.

This focused approach will help learners be well-versed with the emerging technologies and groom to become a seasoned professional. RISE students are trained on technical fronts and soft skills, which is vital in today’s competitive world to make a difference.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll today to experience interactive learning with our immersive learning modules.

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