7 IT Recruitment Trends That Freshers Should Lookout For

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Employment Trends For Programmers In 2021

2020 has been a unique year for us all. Especially for students who are graduating this year. The pandemic affected the economy, millions lost jobs and we witnessed the world’s largest ‘work from home’ experiment. However, students have been equally affected. They were forced to quickly adapt to online lessons and exams. Due to the limited exposure to classroom lectures, students were concerned about how to kickstart their careers in the ‘new normal’.

If you are also one such student, who has similar questions and concerns, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 hiring trends that we expect to witness during this year. Let’s have a look,

1. Remote Work is the New Normal
Needless to say that ‘work from home’ will become a standard practice for many organizations. For some, probably the first half of 2021, while other companies would introduce it as a permanent solution. Depending on your role and the type of organization you join, recruiters will communicate to the job expectations to you. It will help you take an informed decision before you say yes to a job.

2. Psychometric Tests are Gaining Momentum
Most first-time job seekers may not actually engage in an in-person interview before the onboarding process begins. For the same reason, recruiters will have to analyze who they are hiring critically. Psychometric testing is not a new term but has gained popularity in a pandemic-driven world. Some of you must have participated in a psychometric test in your first semester at university. While it may have been just a brief assessment, it certainly plays a more prominent role in assessing if you are the right fit for the role.

3. Broader Hiring Category
Beyond your resume and the job role, recruiters also lay a huge emphasis on soft skills. They want to know what candidates can bring to the table and how they can add value to their role. It also assesses whether you are a people person and can interact with team members to solve complex problems.

4. Increase in Virtual Interviews
With the whole push towards remote work, virtual interviews will also become a preferred way of interacting with potential candidates. There are few tips you can consider that will help you prepare for the same. For instance, make sure you have a fully functional device with a video call feature. Recruiters at the least, will want you to switch on your camera as soon as the interview begins. Also, do make sure you set up your device where there is a clean background. Also, choose a quiet corner that prevents any disturbances or distractions.

5. Hiring Resilient Personalities
The pandemic has disrupted lives above and beyond the health crisis. People have had to adjust to difficult situations, along with anxiety and stress that surfaced. In such cases, recruiters are on the lookout for candidates who can sail through such situations because this won’t be the first pandemic we will deal with. There are possibilities of more significant issues. Job seekers who can handle themselves well under such stressful situations will be preferred.

6. Tailoring Recruitment to the Younger Generation
Millennials form the largest workforce generation and Gen Z is slowly joining in. The youth will form a major part of the world of work. Thus, recruiters will also be shifting their recruitment strategies and campaigns that target the younger folks.

7. Flexible Schedules
With remote work opportunities comes the benefits of flexible work schedules. Since there won’t be any need to ‘return to office’, recruiters will give new hires the chance to work at their own pace and at their own convenience. This also makes way for work-life-balance which is something the younger generation will look forward to.

Summing Up

With these top 7 trends, we hope to address any concerns you may have had about the world of work in this new normal. However, while these are perks you may enjoy, it is also essential that you spend some time to upskill so that you are ‘industry-ready’. At LearnAtRISE, we provide you with hands-on practical experience led by industry experts. When you gain knowledge through real-time projects, you get one step closer to landing your dream job. Check out our tailor-made courses to acquire skills that help you kickstart your dream career!

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