Creating Impact With Communication

Creating Impact With Communication

Round-Up of Speaking Events

In the modern-day and age, communication forms the basis of everything we do – We speak. We write. We even share our feelings through our body language and facial expressions. In our daily life, we all need to share information, ideas, or concepts. And effective communication helps you understand others. And that is one of the many reasons why communication skills through speaking are the most sought after by employers today.

Though among this, speaking has its utmost importance. It helps us progress in life on both personal and professional fronts. It might surprise you to know that new-age learners and even experienced professionals find it difficult to speak their minds.

Many factors stop them from expressing their ideas and opinions. It includes:

  • Societal pressure,
  • Rules & regulations,
  • Lack of confidence,
  • Past experiences of no one willing to hear them, etc.

At LearnAtRISE, to help individuals from all walks of life express themselves freely and maybe learn from others, we created a platform with the “SpeakUp” initiative.

The initial events in this series were fairly successful. Experts from industry and academia of all age groups participated, including students, industry professionals, academicians & more. The speakers found the environment interactive and conducive. They used this networking opportunity to exchange skills and ideas.

Further, individuals from familiar backgrounds indulged in critical thinking and problem-solving.

They covered topics such as:

  • Industry and academia knowledge gap,
  • Education curriculum,
  • Teaching methodology & pedagogy
  • Faculty profile,
  • Student knowledge base vs performance
  • Placement expectations vs outcome,
  • And more
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The participants at end of the sessions reached a consensus that the expectations of employers and industry are rapidly changing. And universities need to upskill themselves and not work in silos to keep pace with it.

As an outcome of the same faculty exchange programs were identified as one interesting area that academic institutions can immediately start working on. And vice versa, even industry experts serve a term in the management institute to understand on-ground challenges and how best to mitigate them. LearnAtRISE is at the forefront of supporting this initiative and is actively working with supporting institutions to help them drive success for their students.

To conclude, here’s an example of how speaking opportunities can open doors to first identify challenges and even discover potential solutions in a meaningful & logical way. And this is only the beginning. We plan to organize many such meetings soon.

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